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Constellation weekends

Family Systemic Constellations on a regular basis in Split and Zagreb and sometimes in Sibenik. The weekends will place Systemic Family Constellation Work in a broader perspective

In the two-day workshops we’ll explore how those issues are stored in our body, how they are expressed, how we can sense the change when they are expressed. 

With light cranio sacral techniques we’ll learn how to find their expressions in the body-mind and how we can connect with them.

With blind, silent or spoken constellation work we will explore our themes and issues. 

Although constellations should not be discussed we will share how constellation work can be beneficial for us, how we may sense changes in our own as well as our family’s knowing field in the time after a constellation. 

The constellation work and trans generational work as we do it is aimed at reconnecting with your own unique authenticity by helping to understand what was less or not visible.


See the blog about constellation work. 


Announcement follows soon


Friday 16 June '23

Saturday 17 June '23

Craniosacral work and constellations combined

cranio and constellation june 23.jpg

Next constellation in Zagreb May '23

Next constellation in Split 21 April '23

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