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PureCranio trajectory Sessions...
with a special aim beyond the restriction to find & understand your unique approach to Life

You may wonder why all these reactions to events take the best of you ... but a 'local laesion' does not exist; every restriction involves the whole body and mind.  Treatment has to be holistic and address all levels of awareness.


PureCranio and Systemic Constellation Work take you from the superficial waves of symptoms to a deeper stillness and awareness. Authentic drives, talents, the life you were born for may be hidden but are still present and vital. You will see that they were only pushed to the back, covered with daily life's events.


This makes Cranio the effective method to treat vague and never ending complaints, vague pains, reoccurring tensions ... There is more than the daily worries, there is a world of wonder.

We offer a trajectory of a number of sessions and evaluation, dedicated to reach your desired specific and unique aim.

"vague restrictions keep you away from that joy in your inner space, your stillness, where your talents live. together we create a safe space and a traject to explore & release"


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