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I came to Stan on a friend's recommendation, knowing nothing about cranio, and after a week's onslaught of headaches that left me exhausted and frankly desperate. Having learnt to live with headaches for most of my life (I am 46), I did not have high expectations that this could be changed in any drastic manner, but I was willing to try anything to get me out of that debilitating condition there and then. It is almost three months on now,


I have had four sessions with Stan altogether, and I can say that I have not had a serious headache since.


Stan is cautious in telling me these things take time to integrate at a deep level, so presumably I should not get over excited, but it is hard not to get excited when you've had such an experience, which is frankly—life-changing.


As is, I dare say, when you engage with this therapy under Stan's wonderful guidance. Without using words that would mystify the whole thing – something Stan never does.


I simply know this journey is one I wish to continue, feeling extremely lucky that I have had the chance to embark upon it. For one thing is clear to me, it can take you to depths in your mind and body that feel new and can surprise you.


Ana – Ljubljana -- Slovenia

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