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Most sessions are now Multiple Hands Sessions which offer a more intensive approach of the request. Two or three practitioners, experienced in working together, and each with a unique potential, work together to help understand, to invite and to integrate a release. Multiple hands sessions offer a more intensive approach, and often involve systemic aspects or an other discipline like shiatsu. 

Sessions with one practitioner are always possible, for multiple hands sessions we reserve certain days per month. 

Sibenik, with Davorka Kale, Shiatsu practitioner

Sessions often include Systemic Constellation work and may include shiatsu. A session may take between one and two hours.


Zagreb, with Petra Korosec

Petra followed extensive craniosacral therapy training in the school of Hugh Milne and in Systemic Constellation Work.

Dorfen, Germany, with Kathi Gaigl, KraftOrt Dorfen, physiotherapy. Sessions include visionary work and dialogue. A session takes one hour.

Koper, Slovenija, Alja Zadel, craniosacral practitioner   

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