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Friday 1 December 15.00-21.00

Please make a reservation if you wish a constellation for yourself. If there are more requests than the time allows we will choose on site. Often all participants share one or more issues, and representants often see their questions clarified or answered. 

Maximum group size: 20

Please wear loose comfortable clothing.

After every exercise and constellation there will be a short break. Refreshments are included.

We invite you to come and explore with us!

Systemic Family Constellation Work explores ...

Through representations of aspects which are connected to the client's request, a larger perspective as an aide to answer the request.

The client asks individuals to represent a person or an aspect of her or his situation.

As soon as the representants take a place in the room we will see how the system unfolds when the representants express their relations with each other. Often this leads to a surprising insight and this makes an appropriate response possible. Such responses can be 'tested', as to see how an environment might react to a change in the existing coherence patterns between individual members.

The constellations are representations and offer a way to first of all explore the primary responses, which are often buried under secondary responses. The constellation work as I facilitate it applies a slow unfolding, as to give representations and expressions the time to surface towards awareness. These workshops offer always insights to all participants, whether as a visitor, as a representant or as a client. Newcomers are advised to participate as representant at least one evening, before posing their request. , because also for representants insights will arise.

Systemic Constellation Work and Craniosacral Work are closely related; it is hardly possible to imagine a physical condition without taking its larger -systemic- environment into consideration, or to consider only the systemic constellation without recognizing its effect on the physical level. Integration of a releasing response works on both levels; if working with systemics then cranio is very helpful for integration, and vice versa.

PureCranio, craniosacral work and dialogue, offers many approaches to physical and nervous system complaints. It works wonders but certain ​Somato Emotional issues, or idiopathic complaints, may require a different form of attention. For this reason we organize Systemic Family Constellation Work with individual representations of aspects of the issue at hand. This helps us to visualize a wider picture and understand how our personal issues may be rooted and developed further in family or other relational issues over time and even over generations. To see how the issue at hand holds a place in relationships and holds relationships entangled helps us to understand and brings us closer to resolve them and be more authentic.


And with this we come to the core aim of PureCranio and Constellation work: Authenticity and Self Esteem. How to recognize it, and how to liberate from restrictions.


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