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Art of Touch

Practical Cranio and Pure Cranio gave us a basis to explore deep relaxation of the nervous system and to help ourselves and other people to relax, in an all day setting and approach

The Art of Touch  is all about the appreciation of Touch. Indeed the effect is direct, though we are so used to make it indirect, to reach us via a thought or an interpretation, as an intermediate before we allow touch to guide our expression.

We will discover why we cannot easily see our blind spots and next ... discover our blind spots, and we need the joy of touch ...

The modules in The Art of Touch will be developed together with the group.

Readers about all topics will be provided. Self learning, group study, writing and discussion are part of the lessons.

Hands On: Cranio for the Sacrum

Hands On: Cranio for the Cranium

Hands On: Your nervous system's language

Hands On: Touch & Emotions are your Secret

Hands On: Not for Interpretation

Hands On: How to find Blind Spots

Physiology, Anatomy, Discussion

Systemic Constellation Work

And more (according to the group)

The Art of Touch is a light hearted class with the potential to deal with big issues.



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