Pure Cranio Class

The Art of Cranio

Self Learning Group

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The approach in Pure Cranio focuses on a deeper understanding of the craniosacral system, sensing a wisdom that encompasses every aspect of your self.

The modules will include the sensing of the different craniosacral rhythms and their seemingly 'absence' as well.

We will go deeper into the physiology and even deeper into the almost magic practice of Cranio in its purest and most free form: to listen, accommodate to and provide what our nervous system expresses and needs; how we influence our own state of being to our advantage or disadvantage; how to conduct a session with a new and unknown person; how to deal with physical lesions in a cranio session; to unwind a body partly or as a whole and more.

Cranio may well combine with your current practice as a masseur or physiotherapist or other modalities; you will learn to integrate cranio.

Readers about all topics will be provided. Self learning, group study, writing and discussion are part of the lessons.

These modules teach you to sense the subtle movements in tissues, skin and organs. We will explore the 'Architecture' of the body; the connections between the structural, visceral and craniosacral rhythms, and explore the effect of your touch and intention.

Module PureCranio 1:

Rehearsal of Practical Cranio, answering related questions, preparing for Pure Cranio

Finding and treating tense areas in the body via different release techniques while taking craniosacral rhythms into account, including arms and legs with special attention for the spinal zone and its relations to head and pelvis. Sensing the various movements of each cranial bone, Hand positions on the head

Physiology, Anatomy, Study group, Writing, Discussion

Module PureCranio 2:

Short rehearsal of Pure Cranio 1, answering related questions. Safeties

HandsOn: Introductory full session

HandsOn: Hand positions on cranial bones

HandsOn: Silence and Dialogue

Physiology, Anatomy, Study group, Writing, Discussion

Module PureCranio 3:

Short rehearsal of Pure Cranio 2, answering related questions

Hands On: Full sessions with the following:

Intention, Silence, Silent Dialogue

HandsOn: How to Find the next step

Receiving and appreciating feedback

Physiology, Anatomy, Study group, Writing, Discussion

Module PureCranio 4:

Short rehearsal of Pure Cranio 3, answering related questions. This module will present ways to work with the differences between what you sense as practitioner and what the client experiences.

Leaving aside your own opinion in favor of the reality of the moment is an art that develops with experience but for a start we will go deeper into a vast array of tools. While working hands on and sensing the craniosacral system we will discover how its expressions through body and mind in the client and in the practitioner show us a gentle non invasive way to help the self healing potential to become active.

After these modules there will be a come back day to evaluate and practice.

Practical Cranio and Pure Cranio are the entry to the Art of Touch where we will explore the joy of Touch, but also discover why we cannot easily see our blind spots and next ... ways to discover our blind spots, and we need the joy of touch ...

Each module takes two days of each ca 5 hrs 4 - 10 persons / Individual, couples, small families, small groups / Classes can be extended

Please wear light loose clothing.


The modules of Pure Ceanio, Rehearsal and the Written case study will give you the certificate of attendance.