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General information for all sessions:


To make an appointment: Call us, or send an email with your request > contact us

In case of recommendation: we always ask that the person to whom we are recommended calls or emails us personally; this helps us to understand the request for a session.

Please do wear comfortable clothes. You will be asked to remove belts, necklaces, watches etc. and to switch off the phone. Sessions take on average one hour. After a session you may feel a strong need to reflect and relax: a sign that your nervous system needs to re balance. Please listen to that need; go for a walk, a swim, into nature, and drink a lot of water in addition to all other drinks, but no alcohol; and no drugs. A good night sleep after a session is necessary.

The time for the problem to release is often short in relation to the life span of the problem. You may experience a reaction after an initial improvement: the release of deep blockades may lead to experiences similar to the cause before improvement can happen: The cause needs to surface in order to vanish. Avoid life changing decisions in the days after a session because rebalancing takes time. Don't hesitate to call or email us in case you have questions.

Keep your diagnose up to date:

The sessions are meant to enhance the self healing capacity of your body and mind, to lead to a new vision, insight and from there to a solution for the restriction that brought you to a session.

A session does not replace the need for regular medical care in the classic sense, will not give you a diagnosis nor advice about (dis-) continuation with medicine or medical care. Please keep your diagnoses updated through a regular check with your medical doctor.

Inform us about contra indications:

Please inform us before the sessions about chronic (+3 months) or acute physical trauma or operations, especially involving head and spine, or such as protheses, shunts, etc.

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