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Stan Coenders


1994 - ongoing.

Practiced in India (Bombay), Nepal (Bouddha), Netherlands, Belgium, Czech Republic (Zdonov), Portugal (Lissabon), Germany (various locations), Slovenia (Ljubljana, Koper), Italy (Padova), Croatia (Hvar), Herzegovina (Mostar).





Etienne Peirsman - Cranio Sacral And Meditation Society, Belgium

(Now PCSA, Peirsman CranioSacral Academy, Netherlands)

1994 - 2014: practicing while travelling


2014 -2017:         

Upledger Institute Germany - CST1, CST2, SEE1 (CST3), SEE2 (CST4), CST5,

2014 - 2017:          

Upledger Institute Austria - CST6, Water CST


2014 - 2017:         

Assistances - CST1 (4x), CST2 (3x), CST3 (1x), CST4 (1x)

(doing the same class with different teachers: highly recommended!)


2015 - 2019:         

Upledger Association Austria, Intensive Program, Lilienfeld

team work for treatment of severe restrictions on table / in swimming pool

(18 therapists for 5 clients, working intensively together ...)

2016 - 2017:           

Upledger Association Germany, Intensive Program Kissleg 

team work for treatment of severe restrictions, on table / in water basin

(18 therapists for 5 clients, working intensively together ...)

2014- 2019: practicing while travelling


2014 - ongoing

Intensive study in Constellation Work in cranio sessions and in groups

(Systemic Work integrated in cranio sessions since 2012)

Stephan Hausner, workshops 2022 and '23

Self study - practice - developing additional approaches


2015 - 2017:         

Teaching craniosacral multiple hands techniques in Germany

Ljubljana: Self Help Workshops


Classes, 2017 and ongoing

Teaching PureCranio in Slovenija and Croatia

Beginners and Advanced, regular weekends

Systemic Constellation Work

Since 2012, Nepal, Germany, Slovenija, Croatia.

Since 2022, Constellation Work and workshops in Split, Sibenik and Zagreb

Cooperation - Intensive Multiple Hands sessions

2022 - ongoing

Davorka Kale, Sibenik


2019 - ongoing

Alja Zadel, Slovenija

2017 - ongoing

Kathi Gaigl, Kraftort Dorfen, Germany


2010 - 2015

Suzanne Vanden Schrieck - Belgium, Nepal, Portugal     

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