Practical Crani, learn....
The Essence of Deep Relaxation

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Practical Cranio 1:

5 days of 6 hours

Reset, Relax and Find ​CranioSacral Rhythms

Practical Cranio 2:

4 days of 6 hours

Reset, Relax and Find ​CranioSacral Rhythms


Practical Cranio  is for many a Miracle Class

Practical Cranio focuses on relaxation

of tension, the basics of cranio for the private environment and teaches you in simple steps the essence of deep relaxation of the central nervous system.

Practical Cranio is for everyone.


Each lesson includes work with the craniosacral rhythms, anatomy and physiology / 'architecture' of the body, self learning and discussion, study, writing.

Readers about all topics will be provided.

After this first module you will be able to practice and enjoy relaxation through cranio. You can help others to relax. The second module will take you further into a deeper silence, into the inner landscape of yourself.



Module PracticalCranio 1:


Introduction Development of Cranio;

Philosophy, Current status;

HandsOn; A different touch, Melting In;

HandsOn: Feeling  a craniosacral rhythm;

HandsOn: A stepwise session for Relaxation

The effect of Cranio in theory and practice;

Dealing with restriction and compensation


Module PracticalCranio 2:

Silence and Dialogue

Deep relaxation and Still Point

HandsOn; Various hand Positions on the body

HandsOn; Various hand positions on the Head

The effect of Intention

Connection with other Disciplines

Physiology, Group study of a related aspect


Practice outside modules:

It is strongly encouraged to practice on a regular basis. After these two modules you will be invited for a come back and a rehearsal day or afternoon, to share your experiences, to ask questions, to have a session, you can bring a friend for a session.

Two modules and the concluding rehearsal will open the modules Pure Cranio where we will go deeper into the physiology and even deeper into the almost magic practice of Cranio in its purest and most free form: to listen, accommodate to and provide for what the nervous system needs.

Group size: 4 - 10 persons / Individual, couples, small families, small groups / Classes can be extended. Please wear light loose clothing.

Practical Cranio 1 and 2, Rehearsal and a written paper about a related topic will give you the certificate of attendance.