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Constellations (on request)
Open to all - no previous experience required

Systemic Constellations

Split, Friday 14 June 2024 / 15.00-20.00

Šibenska 59, Split

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15.00 - cca 20.00

English with translation to Croatian

short introduction

constellations on request


Maximum group size: 15

Reserve your place.

Reservation by email only,


Representant: 30,-

With constellation 80,-


Stan Coenders

+386 30 455 655

There is a possibility to extend to a later hour; upon request.

Please mention if you wish a constellation for yourself. If there are more requests as the time allows we will choose on site. Often all participants share one or more issues, and representants often see their questions clarified or answered. Please wear loose comfortable clothing. After every constellation there will be a 5 minute break and a longer break at around 17.30. Tea and cookies available.


We invite you to come and explore with us!



A short presentation and Q&A session will introduce systemic constellation work to newcomers. 

Systemic Family Constellation Work explores through representations of environmental aspects which are connected to the client's request. Requests can address virtually every aspect of one's life. The explored environment can be the inner landscape, the family and/or work situation, the housing situation and also combinations of all. 

For those who are unfamiliar with Systemic Work:

The client asks other participants to represent a person or an aspect of her or his situation.

As soon as the representants take a place in the room we will see how the system of invited aspects unfolds. Often this leads to a surprising insight and this makes an appropriate response possible. Such responses can be 'tested', as to see how an environment might react to a change in the existing coherence patterns between individual members.

The constellations are representations and offer a way to explore the primary responses, which are often buried under secondary responses. The constellation work as I facilitate it applies a slow unfolding, to give representations and expressions the time to surface towards awareness.

Why are PureCranio and Systemic Work combined?

Systemic Work, or probably better known as Systemic Family Constellation Work, is a special modality based on Phenomenology, a science in Observation. Edmund Husserl  described a basis for transcendental conscience around 1900 and this led to groundbreaking scientific studies into the existence of the 'Knowing Field'. Around 1960 Virginia Satir established recognition for her Family Therapy. From the 1970's on Bert Hellinger developed Family Constellations which grew in its application far beyond the core family therapy. Many therapists and practitioners from various modalities followed and furthered the development. Stephan Hausner being one of the most well known facilitators.

The history of systemic work is a long history, even Husserl didn't have all his insights by himself. It is very interesting that scientists and practitioners merged their knowledge into a practice that ultimately unsettled classic science.

Where is the link with PureCranio? Craniosacral therapeutical techniques were at first an integrated but lesser described part of Andrew Taylor Still's Osteopathy, became with William Garner Sutherland the better known Cranial Osteopathy and developed via the Upledger approach and the BioDynamic approach into a therapeutical discipline on its own.

Within the PureCranio sessions during the 25 years of my practice it became soon clear that clients came because they could not find an answer to their quest for a better quality of life, be it because of a physical or more mental problem. With cranio we could indeed solve many physical issues, be it temporarily or permanent. But if the solution was permanent it was always because the client had gone through a deeper release than only physical. 

We turned it 'around' and started to explore via the possibilities cranio offers the physical responses to intentions, thoughts, questions, statements. Very often we 'landed' in the complexity of family life. It became possible to integrate such deep searches in solving physical complaints or at least in improvement. Often it worked, but not always. And then we would make a systemic constellation set up with a group of representants for aspects of the request from the client. This often had the effect that the client not only sees the request in a wider perspective but also becomes capable to deal with the underlying primary feeling towards the causal situation. After such work the physical problem could have improved already, but became better addressable, solvable, with cranio.

Our systemic constellation work is based on the experience of deep observation, a sensitivity developed during years of cranio practice, as well as the experience of a great many assistances in and facilitating of systemic constellations.

We do trust what happens in the 'knowing field' that appears through the representations, if we give it all the time it needs to unfold.

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