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Pure Cranio for refugees
Organizing the mess inside ...
Starts with deep relaxation...
A 'miracle' treats deep trauma...


Refugees, war victims, with multiple fears and restrictions suffer hard from headaches, nausea, anxieties and more, and never know which trauma causes what symptom. How can one ever process the experience that caused all this? How can one afford an independent living like once was normal?


Cranio helps the client to 'draw a map' of all these restrictions and how they have to be treated one by one, though often all together in one session. And slowly their mind gets a hold on life again. The self healing capacity of the mind and nervous system can be seen at their best! Cranio can't do it all, but certainly makes for a good start for further treatment.

Your donations help. We at PureCranio offer trajectories to those who cannot afford sessions but need sessions to come to a normal life.


"So I treated war refugees with cranio: What is going on there in those bodies, heads and minds, unable to focus, hyper reactive, or apathic, and all on pills for years in a row?"

Mostar ...

" ... An older man entered the 'konoba' for a coffee. It appeared to be a local guide, he knew everything about the war. "What to do? People never learn! You only need to understand what happened here to understand everything in politics! ... ". Denial of a constructive approach ruled his attitude. He had never heard about cranio or anything alike, but would be happy to try, with him and his friends.

I gave a session to a a man of sports, with back problems from 20 years of diving off the 25 mtr high bridge. "I don't know what you did, but I feel better" was his comment the following day. Next came a woman who suffered from panic attacks since the war which as so often were allocated to 'some cause between the ears'. In her case it was a problem in the neck area, a tension that had its effect on her nervous system. At last came the tour guide, very nervous for the session. Though he could not relax to the point of closing his eyes and letting go he did say after the session: "I feel more peaceful, I believe this could work".

Imagine islands of restrictions within one person, separated and unable to communicate, but seriously influencing each other. Headache, stomach nausea, restless leg, anxiety and worse and slowly one goes crazy. The physical symptoms are already to much to handle, let alone the cause. Now when you see that all these restrictions ask for adaptation, and that one headache may cause a few compensations in behavior and posture, and the stomach a few other compensations and the leg yet another few ... Then think of this arising from traumatizing experiences ... and you will understand how much effort it costs to deal with the mess of restrictions and compensations. How can one expect to be functional?​

Cranio offers good tools to organize the mess first of all, separate symptoms from traumas, and once that is done then the cause can be dealt with - to great relief.

Pure Cranio for Parkinson

Those who are diagnosed with Parkinson have often tried so many treatments and we offer four sessions where they can try if and how PureCranio helps, either to relieve or to stabilize. We have seen good results with almost half the Parkinson diagnosed people who came ... and wonder if it was Parkinson.

Pure Cranio for "hopeless cases"

These are the fighters who don't want to give up and we are happy to work with these people because they will go at length. With PureCranio we may have a positive influence, and often this works best in cooperation with other disciplines. Also these people benefit from your donation.

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