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Waitinglist places only

Next workshop June '24


Saturday and Sunday

20 and 21 April 2024

9.30 - cca. 17.30

(Lunch from 12.30-13.30

short coffee/tea breaks inbetween)

Maximum group size: 10

Reserve your place by email

and receive full details


140,- for two days

Advance: 25,-



This workshop is based on requests from the participants. 8 requests were received, among other:

- The basic principle

- Touch

- Somato Emotional Dialogue

- Specific Physical Release

- Cranial Hand positions

- Anatomy


After receiving the full registration and advance, you will receive details about the workshop and it is possible to discuss the personal request via phone or Viber.

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Sunday 14 April 2024

Maximum group size: 14

Reserve your place before 20 March.


Without personal constellation: 80,-

With personal constellation: 120,-

Reservation is obligatory and valid after receiving a  25% downpayment. 


Petra Korošec <>

+ 385 (0) 40 455 168

Upon reservation you will receive details about how to reach HVHouse, parking, etc..


- lecture cca 45 minutes about the authentic BodyMind; exercises to explore the connection between BodyMind, SelfHealing and our response (and what to do with the response); 4 constellations.

Lunch from 12.30-13.30

Short breaks inbetween for coffee and tea

There is a possibility to extend the workshop into the early evening.

Please mention if you wish a constellation for yourself. (First come first receives)

If there are more requests than the time allows there will be a waiting list, and we will choose on site. Often all participants share one or more issues, and representants often see their questions clarified or answered. 

See also blog.

Please wear loose comfortable clothing.

After every exercise and constellation there will be a short break. Refreshments are included.

Please bring your lunch, as possibilities around HVHouse are limited.

We invite you to come and explore with us!

constellations 14 April Zagreb.jpg

BodyMind and SelHealing ... 

How do we recognize a process of self healing? Usually it follows a specific pattern of an Aha! experience, followed by a cleaning process. And here is often the dilemma: this cleaning is in part in the body and in part in the mind. And both are under observation from the brain. That is what we think about what we experience. Much less understood is how the nervous system deals with the complex of restriction and release.

We are after all ourselves in our inner landscape and at the same time (maybe not so much ourselves in our external environment. We shouldn't be overwhelmed by our process of release, our nervous system guards against it. But there is more. Our environments also spark a warning against liberation from patterns that exist since generations. 

We will explore the possibility to experience our deep primary response to recognition of a restriction, and with that we explore till what depth our bodymind, brain and nervous system allow us to explore. While doing so we certainly will encounter secundary responses. And we have to deal with those as well. 

For this reason, after years of experience, I decided to combine the main internal actors' activities in the process of release: Body, Mind, Brain, Central Nervous System with a lecture; Q&A; BodyMind (cranio based) exercises; systemic constellations. 

These workshops offer always insights to all participants, whether as a visitor, as a representant or as a client. The requests are valid for all in one or other way, and likewise insights will arise which impress on the individual central nervous system; we all learn.

Such work as I feel it should be done in a relatively small group of maximum 14 persons (16 including facilitator and assistant). This allows a deep experience for all participants. 

Solving problems a Life Long? I don't think so!

Can we change the common idea that we can only grow by breaking ourselves over problem solving quests? I don't think so! There are better possibilities. This workshop is a first in a series, developed to achieve a different perspective right from the start. 

A short lecture and Q&A session ...

will introduce a different approach. 

Craniosacral techniques during this workshop ...

Are individual explorations of tissue response to a certain notion. The exercises are guided. 

Systemic Family Constellation Work explores ...

through representations of environmental aspects which are connected to the client's request. 

Requests can address virtually every aspect of one's life. The explored environment can be the inner landscape, the family situation, the housing situation and also combinations of all. 

For those who are unfamiliar with Systemic Work:

The client asks other participants to represent a person or an aspect of her or his situation.

As soon as the representants take a place in the room we will see how the system of invited aspects unfolds. Often this leads to a surprising insight and this makes an appropriate response possible. Such responses can be 'tested', as to see how an environment might react to a change in the existing coherence patterns between individual members.

The constellations are representations and offer a way to explore the primary responses, which are often buried under secondary responses. The constellation work as I facilitate it applies a slow unfolding, to give representations and expressions the time to surface towards awareness.

Combining lecture, Q&A, cranio and constellations ...

creates a safe way to explore and acquire ways that lead to awareness on a deeper level than the intellectual and emotional. The lecture (and questions and answers) prepares us for the work that follows and serves as a reference during and after exercises and constellations. 

Systemic Constellation Work and Craniosacral Work are closely related; it is hardly possible to imagine a physical condition without taking its larger -systemic- environment into consideration, or to consider only the systemic constellation without recognizing its effect on the physical level. Integration of a releasing response works on both levels; if working with systemics then cranio is very helpful for integration, and vice versa. 

This combination offers many approaches for physical and nervous system complaints. Certain ​Somato Emotional issues, or idiopathic complaints, may require additional attention to give the process a proper place in one's life at home. 


And with this we come to the core aim of PureCranio and Constellation work: Authenticity and Self Esteem. How to recognize it, and how to liberate from restrictions.


Calendar Constellations   

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