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Next workshop September '24


Saturday and Sunday

15, 16 June 2024

9.30 - cca. 17.30

(Lunch from 12.30-13.30

short coffee/tea breaks inbetween)

Open for 'newcomers' and for advanced.

Maximum group size: 10

Reserve your place by email

and receive full details


140,- for two days

Advance: 25,-



This workshop is based on requests from the participants.  among other:

- Principles of cranio

- Many facets of Touch

- Cranial Hand positions

- Fascia and Innervation/response

- Somato Emotional Dialogue

- Specific Physical Release

After receiving the full registration and advance, you will receive details about the workshop and it is possible to discuss the personal request via phone or Viber.

2dayintensive pc 15 16 - 6 .24 V2 .jpg

This 2-day Intensive will address the following topics in hands on craniosacral work and discussion:

The Helper Position (& Helper Syndrome) is most often taken for granted; what is the position of the practitioner?

Touch. Touch is unique and authentic; Even when applying a standard hand position one can apply various approaches to a touch that looks always the same but has in fact vary different results.

Hands On or Hands Off?

Do we need to work Hands On?

Fascia Is fascinating; What is it, its secret treasures, and how to recognize it by Touch in Craniosacral Work.

Handpositions; In this weekend once more craniosacral handpositions for the head, sensing of movements, and deeper work.

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