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Saturday 16 March 2024

10.00 - cca. 16.30

Maximum group size: 20

Reserve your place before 1 March


Representant: 40,-

With constellation 80,-


Davorka Kale

+385 (0) 99 704 9331


- Introduction to Systemic Work and explanation about approach

- systemic (family) constellations

Lunch from 12.30-13.30

Short breaks inbetween for coffee and tea

There is a possibility to extend the workshop into the early evening, if more constellation work is required; upon request.

Please mention if you wish a constellation for yourself. If there are more requests than the time allows we will choose on site. Often all participants share one or more issues, and representants often see their questions clarified or answered. 

Please wear loose comfortable clothing.

After every exercise and constellation there will be a short break. Refreshments are included.

Please bring your lunch, as possibilities around HVHouse are limited.

We invite you to come and explore with us!

Constellation Sibenik 16 March 24.jpg

A short lecture and Q&A session ...

will introduce systemic constellation work to newcomers. 


Introduction exercises help to prepare

to appreciate individual explorations of tissue response to a certain notion. The exercises are guided. 

Systemic Family Constellation Work explores ...

through representations of environmental aspects which are connected to the client's request. 

Requests can address virtually every aspect of one's life. The explored environment can be the inner landscape, the family and/or work situation, the housing situation and also combinations of all. 

For those who are unfamiliar with Systemic Work:

The client asks other participants to represent a person or an aspect of her or his situation.

As soon as the representants take a place in the room we will see how the system of invited aspects unfolds. Often this leads to a surprising insight and this makes an appropriate response possible. Such responses can be 'tested', as to see how an environment might react to a change in the existing coherence patterns between individual members.

The constellations are representations and offer a way to explore the primary responses, which are often buried under secondary responses. The constellation work as I facilitate it applies a slow unfolding, to give representations and expressions the time to surface towards awareness.


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