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Pure Cranio, Gentle hands on treatment

 ... headaches, backaches, nervousness & more, rebalancing and resetting; burnout and jet lag, idiopathic restrictions, the vaguest and most persisting restrictions ...

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With one practitioner, or

With two practitioners,  a multiple hands session

Experienced listeners and observers, with eyes and ears and ... by hands on touch: often we find forgotten traumas or even very old accidents that need a release after which the requested release of a tension is more easily accessible and treatable. Cranio sessions usually have the effect of a deep relaxation before the restriction can be adressed.  ​In ca. two sessions we will know if we can influence the restriction.

Tired or exhausted: Reset, Rebalance ...

A PureCranio session is a rebalancing reset and a boost for your energy system! It helps you to recover from stress, and various types of stress can be addressed. For many it is a first time wonder, once you get its benefits, it becomes normal to have a session once in a while.

A lesion or restriction with a direct cause:

A pain can have many causes; in case of a direct cause like a fall for instance we can help to speed up the healing process.

A lesion or restriction with an indirect cause:

In case of for instance chronic headache, backpain, or idiopathic conditions we can say that symptoms rarely point direct to their cause. A headache may have a cause in the back or even in the feet, and the cause for back ache may be in the jaws. Any cause may have happened years and years back and be long forgotten, or based on a decision once made! Your body always gave you the best possible support, even though that may involve that headache. Bodies and minds are amazing!

PureCranio starts from knowledge about anatomy and physiology and extends into more subtle levels, but in all cases relies on a logic and comprehensible approach. Pure Cranio uses the principles as outlined by A.T. Still and William G. Sutherland since 1870, to understand and enhance the self healing capacities of your mind and body. We are trained to sense the cranio-sacral rhythms, the waves caused by the production of brainfluid in the ventricles in the cranium. These waves are transmitted through the spinal dura to the sacrum. The gentle persistent waves can be sensed through the whole body and serve as an indicator for restrictions, at places where (for instance) such a restriction provides a limit for a cranio sacral rhythm.




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