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stan coenders

" ... cranio practitioner since 1994, experienced in systemic constellation work since 2014, studying and working in different countries and in very different cultural settings led to the most rewarding experiences in my life and work."

" PureCranio combines craniosacral techniques and more to help you .... becaue you are unique, every cause is unique, and every approach should be transparent. "


We work with all kinds of restrictions and requests, but helping to solve old, vague, 'never ending' complaints take most of the time now. Light Touch, Silent and Spoken Dialogue, Multiple Hands Sessions and Systemic Constellations help to find relations between restrictions and long forgotten decisions, to understand and to find your initial and unique approach to Life.

I feel fortunate to practice cranio in multiple hands sessions - they are more intensive and give better results, especially for complex and difficult restrictions with root causes which are hard to find. I feel fortunate to work together with Alja Zadel and Kathi Gaigl and hope to enlarge the team.

PureCranio is clearly about dialogue between practitioner and receiver. Systemic Constellation Work works with hidden and often silent dialogues.

Each session is a special occasion, a different situation, condensed time, which allows to shed light on hidden causes, helping you to recognize your self healing capacity.

After so many years of practice I am still amazed with the beauty of this work every month again. For my education I am very thankful to many teachers in various schools and trainings, and for all the inner journeys with hundreds of clients.


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