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Pure Cranio Classes
and Self Learning Group
combining PureCranio with Systemic Constellation work

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Classes / Beginners:

Autumn 2022/Spring 2023

announcement follows soon

Will give you the basic techniques and understanding of cranio, to give a deep relaxation to the Central Nervous System and release stress and certain tensions in back and neck.

See also: for information



The start: Practical Cranio  focuses on deep relaxation of tension, the basics of cranio for the private environment. Each lesson includes 'architecture' of the body, work with the craniosacral rhythms, discussion, study ... more

Next: Pure Cranio  teaches you to sense the physical and emotional appreciation of the subtle movements in tissues, skin and organs. 'Architecture' of the body shows the connections between the structural, visceral and craniosacral. We work with craniosacral rhythms, and explore the effect of your touch and intention ... more

Last not Least: The Art of Touch  is all about the appreciation of touch and being touched, about the interaction between the giver and the receiver. The Art of Touch goes more into the sense of touch, the sensibility, the sensual, the playful, opening yourself to be touched unconditionally. We will still use the lessons from the previous classes, and learn to play with it while keeping a safe space, yet touching borders of that space playfully ... more

Self Learning forms the core of the classes, allowing to address specific questions/topics, as a way to build thorough understanding of cranio, and of anatomy and physiology. ​The classes contain elements from various interpretations about cranio application, fascial release, very light massage, dialogue.

Classes take two days of each ca 6 hrs 4 - 10 persons / Individual, couples, small families, small groups / Classes can be extended

Please wear light loose clothing.



Pure Cranio ...we assist you

... when you have the feeling of 'not getting further', or when you feel that holding the space and dialogue at the same time is to much, or when you feel that a male and a female practitioner are both necessary ...

... if multiple expressions act out at the same time. one practitioner may monitors rhythms and expressions, and the other practitioner applies techniques.

... we had great results with multiple hands sessions!


we have always worked in multiple hands settings, as assistant, as leading practitioner and teaching, in a mindful respectful approach to create a safe space, to wait until the calm settles in, to work with the client's request and the expressions that arise. multiple hands sessions are effective because it is easier to 'hold the safe space' and work while the practitioners complement each other.

it became common practice that practitioners work together every 5 or 6 weeks with a few clients, to help the progress further more deepened. evaluation proves to enhance experience.

Pure Cranio - Assist us ...

we love to invite assistance because we love multiple hands sessions, help us to treat and gain practice



- you followed classes in Craniosacral techniques

- you are Reiki level 2 or higher

- you are a Shiatsu practitioner

- you are practising acu pressure

- or very light hands-on or massage techniques


We ask you to come for a meeting and greeting first and talk about the possibilities either is sessions or in classes.

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