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This 2-day Intensive will address the following topics:

The Helper Position (& Helper Syndrome) is most often taken for granted; what is the position of the practitioner?

Touch. Touch is unique and authentic; Even when applying a standard hand position one can apply various approaches to a touch that looks always the same but has in fact vary different results.

Hands On or Hands Off?

Do we need to work Hands On?

Fascia Is fascinating; What is it, its secret treasures, and how to recognize it by Touch in Craniosacral Work.

Handpositions; In this weekend once more craniosacral handpositions for the head, sensing of movements, and deeper work.


" ... The PureCranio weekends are designed as a mindful journeys for small groups of maximum 10 participants. This allows for intensive work in a calm pace. The effect of the many exercises equals the effect of normal craniosacral sessions with the difference that these exercises can be applied at home.   ..."

From 2024 on all workshops and classes will be tailored to the requests of the participants. This will allow us to explore through real time questions and issues the possibilities PureCranio offers, and to give participants both theory and practice. Requests and questions will be addressed in a logical order from basic to complex. 

This way of affirmative teaching promises very interesting days of experiencing and learning and form a secure basis to use the learned in the all day life.

Unless stated otherwise all workshops and classes are open for everyone. If you doubt whether or not to participate please do contact us. We are able to help.


All PureCranio workshops and classes provide basic and advanced techniques and understanding of cranio, accompanied by physiologic theory and safety instructions. 

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