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Constellation or Constellation Workshop?

Constellation or Constellation Workshop?

A Constellation Workshop includes a short introductory lecture to explain a somewhat different approach towards the release of restrictive influences, then continues with exercises (individual) from the physical experience field of cranio to exemplify the new insights and after a lunch break we will have constellations. The reason for the inclusion of the two introductory parts, lecture and cranio, is manifold. The main reason is to make aware of the physical response, and with that of the reaction to the response; this helps of course to open up for the systemic work as it creates a wider understanding for a causal ground under the experienced restriction.

Another good reason is that we are here in this space and during these moments together in this group setting. Although we each have our unique and authentic life path we will see that with each exercise and constellation we address also the restriction that we share, probably without knowing of it. These intro's help to build trust and make the constellation work more effective. With that we will get more understanding for each (representant or observer) one's participation.

In a Constellation Day there will be only constellations. Though the second reason also is valid for systemic constellations without the 2 introductory parts the difference can be big. In a Constellation Workshop the perspective is wider and the embedding of the restriction comes out in a wider perspective, more inclusive towards one's own authenticity. In an evening or day with only constellations we answer as much as the constellation allows to answer the question asked.

Who is first? Or which request first? And how many constellations?

In the Constellation Workshop we can sometimes prolong the workshop. Normally ending at cca 17.00 or 17.30 we may have the chance to go on after that. In a constellation Day we may have the same opportunity and in both cases it is for the group to decide in the afternoon tea break.

If we have a possibility for 4 Constellations then the first four persons who apply will have a constellation (the order depends on the character of the request), and others will be on a waiting list. This means that if we work longer that some people on the waiting list will also have a constellation. Some constellations take longer and some take shorter time.

How does this all work out in the practice?

All Stan Coenders Constellations will have the time they need to unfold; they develop often slower than usual and this slowness makes for a deeper understanding. With this we will also notice that every constellation resonates with more aspects of all the participants, whether they are a representant or observer.

(text will be contiued)

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