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The constellations unfold slow ... Why?

"Your constellations are generally slower as is often usual", says feedback from many clients.

I like it that way, it takes time for a system to unfold, that is one reason. Another reason is that it takes time for all present to perceive the process of unfolding, as it supports a further unfolding of systemic processes and deepens a non cognitive understanding of what actually unfolds. It helps to differentiate the hidden systemic from the perceived emotions. It is a great advantage to take it slow.

Non-cognitive skills are the soft skills or interpersonal skills that individuals develop over time and with experience. Constellation work helps to recognize how much we rely on and need these skills.

I use various approaches in constellation work, and explanations are generally only used to give a suggestion. I aim to avoid psycho therapeutic talk as this involves the brain. This is a delicate part in constellation work as the attendants want to understand with the brain, cognitive, which has an inlfluence of non cognitive undertsanding. One feels the 'change in the air'.

According the question asked, I use blind constellations, or hidden representations, just as well as fully described representations.

Constellation work, as we see it in the internet, often gives the impression of very emotional processes. Entanglement that is often more or less hidden yet still standing in the room, almost palpable. It is true that it can be deeply emotional work when for instance hidden entanglements suddenly become clear. It should be added though that constellation work, constellations, lead to deep releases and even during the constellation we see lots of laughter.

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