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Systemic Family Constellation work

Bijgewerkt op: 9 feb. 2023

"What did Constellation Work do for you?"

"First of all it brought me very close in contact with my physical body, and from there even closer to understand the bodymind. Cranio works deeply with physical tissue and thus with the fascia, the fascial memory. Understanding the fascial memory plays a big role in cranio. One wonders how memories and even memories which belong to other people can reside in the fascia. We have layers of fascia which are sensitive to fields. We all know and experience that. We know that we respond to others with a change in our own field. Our fascia, amongst others, store these memories and so they have an influence on our physicality and make us respond in an almost automatic way, not always to our best advantage. With Systemic Family Constellation Work we can see these fields at work when we use representants for aspects of an issue that wishes to be resolved. If we understand Cranio, Fascial Work, and Constellation work we have three interconnected tools at hand.

The aim of a request resides in a context, the clients context. This context is brought into the session not only physical but also as a field. The real wish of the client is to gain a different perspective on her or his context. Here we see a few possibilities arising.

If the client understands that it is the bodymind longing for a different perspective as a way to move on and to become, as in becoming authentic, then the road is open for a never ending learning and appreciation for the ways of life.

If the client is open to the response of the bodymind and open to the integration of a new perspective then also much is gained from sessions, although there may be a feeling that it was not enough.

If the client takes the new perspective solely with the brain then the aim is relaxation.

So you see, even if there is a relaxation physically, the ultimate relaxation should happen in the field and the bodymind. This may happen in an instant and without thinking we sense it immediately.

With such sessions and with a little help we see that long forgotten seemingly unimportant moments, or moments which occur at random all the time, have led to an immediate reaction, which is turned into a stance, leading to typical unique behavioral patterns. The negatively appreciated ones to a disconnecting, the positively appreciated ones to a connecting movement. It should be seen that neither is good or bad, whilst in both cases we are searching to maintain authenticity in connectedness amidst turmoil. However, it is only in connectedness, reconciliation that a problematic situation truly dissolves. That this is true is in Cranio sessions and in Constellation Work often equally surprising for those who are new to these modalities. Often we hear "When this is possible, then what more is possible, everything is possible". Many become curious to explore deeper levels because their relationships and quality of life improve.

What did Constellation Work do for me? Both PureCranio and Constellation Work helped me greatly to be a more free person, much less dependent, much more trusting, more sensitive, living with more ease and pleasure."

PureCranio and Constellation Work as modalities to release tensions and restrictions have an effect on inner strength, but in a different way.

Cranio is a hands on approach, and the bandwith of Cranio lies between very physical and a sort of physical dream state where forgotten memories may express themselves in a very physical way while at the same time deep emotions may arise. Cranio offers good techniques to release the tensions from such mostly forgotten events.

Constellation work is basically not hands on, although touch and being touched plays an important role. Constellation Work makes use of representations of aspects of the issue at hand. In our constellations we ask people, representants to stand for an aspect, or for a person, a family member for instance. A group of representants thus creates a constellation because they relate to each other just like the aspects of the issue at hand. They may for instance represent family members, even generations back. What we see is a field, an atmosphere, that makes the representants move in the room expressing an almost magnetic constellation of relations which derives its load or happiness or lack of that from ancient ingrained patterns, like a transgenerational memory which has been passed on through generations for instance. The client may witness aspects of her or his issue played out in an entirely unexpected way. A new understanding leads to a wider perspective and a different approach, often solving the issue.

After the session, at unexpected moments, the event and the emotion and the decision made may jsut pop up. At such moments one can decide once more how to deal with the situation from this wider perspective. It is not about the situation and the cause anymore but about ones own reaction then and now. We can just let go now.

I would say that cranio overlaps well into constellation work, but constellation work not that much into cranio. Almost automatically it appears that there is a certain hierarchy, like one approach does more than the other. But this is not true. The order of approach of a clients request resides within the aim of solving the request. Naturally the choice is connected with a clients possibility to connect with her or his problem on a bodymind level.

And having said that we are pointing towards a responsibility while using these two disciplines. Our help should be short and clear. Per saldo we want to help the client to move on and become.

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