PracticalCranio 1: The Essence of Relaxation

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PracticalCranio 1 - May 2021

Instead of learning a set of Relaxation Techniques ... we just went into the Essence of Relaxation, simply through careful touch. Sensing and developing the sensory skills has always been the core of Cranio. And with PureCranio we value the uniqueness of each practitioner: We tailor the method to the practitioner instead of the common other-way-around.

Four beautiful days are the result. Surprised practitioners found their gentle way and welcome within the realms of the Inner Landscape, to be there calm and neutral, to witness how such a touch leads to a very deep relaxation of the Central Nervous System: Cranio is simple.

We went from a simple hands-on the feet through the effects of different hand positions on the legs, the hips, ribs and thorax front and the shoulders. We explored the specific effects on the pelvic floor, the respiratory diaphragm, the thorax diaphragm and we were astonished how different the responses are. We explored the effect on the sacrum and the atlanto-occipital region.

In PracticalCranio 1 it was all about being there, and instead of clinical anatomy, about aware and share, about sensing and melting in, about Knowledge Gained, as William Garner Sutherland has called it so apt.

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